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Faith Clements

Faith took her first Pilates Instructor education in 2015 to heal her own chronic back pain after a successful career spanning over 20 years in international corporate finance.

Since then Faith has not been able to turn her back on Pilates. She is exceptionally passionate about helping others with the method as much as it helps her every day.

Faith teaches from a place of acute personal experience and informed education gained from some of the world leaders within the Classic Pilates Industry and delivers her classes with great passion and care for your wellbeing.

Faith is loved by her clients for going the extra mile, which might even entail a trip to the ice skating rink to watch a client skate.



  • 2015-2016: Continuing professional development Professor Karen Clippinger

    • 2016 Hip and Knee Biomechanics on the Reformer (6 PMA CECs) 

    • 2015 Sacroiliac Function and Pilates Program Design (6 PMA CECs)

    • 2015 Shoulder mechanics and Pilates Programme Design (6 PMA CEC's)

  • 2015:B.A.S.I Body Arts and Science International

    • Comprehensive education (600+ hr) & published paper at BASI.


"After only 3 months of consistent training with her two times a week, I was able to articulate my spine again and fully move my head"

I was suffering from terrible neck pain, unable to move my head in any direction, unable to work, unable to enjoy life. My whole back felt like a wooden board, my spine inflexible and I was getting more and more depressed.


My kinesiologist recommended me Pilates and that´s how I met Ulrike.

After only 3 months of consequent training with her two times a week, I was able to articulate my spine again and fully move my head. After another month I could sit with straight legs and firm and straight back for the very first time in my life! Ulrike has also change my routine and my daily habits.

I feel, that I now live my life with more consciousness, my life quality has definately improved.

Thanks for that!

Jorge, Chile


Coming soon in January

  • 55 min

    795 svenska kronor
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