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Pilates Tower Malmö

At first glance the tower, like the reformer or cadillac, looks like a medieval torture device, but it is definitely not!

The tower is a vertical unit that uses a variety of attachments—a roll-down bar, arm springs, leg springs, and a push-through bar—to provide a full body workout.


The Pilates Tower is an extremely adaptable piece of Pilates equipment and like all other pieces of Pilates equipment it can be used to further challenge or give support in order to address the functional needs of the advanced as well as the beginner Pilates enthusiast. 


Reformers use springs which all are attached to a central anchoring point. The Tower offers a variety of springs in different locations, allowing the legs, arms and torso to work directly with the spring resistance. The Tower allows adjustment of springs and resistance for your height, weight, and strength. It lets you target legs, arms, bottom or any part of your body, while still using your core and enter body in the process  It is a total body strengthening workout, without stress on your joints.

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