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Pilates Matwork 

Pilates Matwork is a series of exercises that are practiced on the floor without Pilates machines. The attention to the flow of movement and to the core muscles is the same as Pilates on the machines, and Matwork is a challenging workout in its own right.


Many Pilates experts recommend matwork classes as the best place to start for beginners because of the emphasis on learning how to control your muscles during movement.  Matwork guides you to become aware of your body again in movement and strengthens and stabilises your body as you move in all directions.


Matwork classes follow a set but flowing choreography that use your body weight as resistance. We use our classic high mats with straps and handles to help you find your deep strength easier.

The benefit of Pilates Matwork are that it can be done anywhere and with just a mat. It is easy to teach in a group environment, making it more affordable. However, like the equipment classes, it is recommended to start with a minimum of one private lesson in order to understand and master the techniques and connect to your core muscles safely. 

Once the technique is mastered, you can supplement your practice with workouts at home by using one of our online videos.

Pilates Matwork 

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