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About Us

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We are a unique Pilates Studio located in one of Malmö's most popular tennis and sports facilities at Hyllie Sportcenter.  We offer personalised training in PT, small & large group classes.

Our customer has the highest focus on their individual process of progression no matter your condition or level of fitness, our personal attention is guaranteed..


We love to welcome you who are new to Pilates and the system of building the body from the inside out. 

We work with people who are motivated and committed to build their body and reduce back pain to become stronger with our specialised training programs. 

We are a team of expert Licensed instructors whether you want to become stronger, reduce pain and other conditions.

Take a look at our dedicated results driven programs and lets take a call to discuss your needs and how we can best support you today!

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Our Story
Limhamn Pilates

My name is Faith, since I was 40 I have become stronger, leaner, longer and improved the quality of my daily life with Pilates training.

I have been a 'mover' my whole life with fitness, dance, competitive athletics, horse riding & rowing. 

When I turned 40 the hard training and life events took its toll on my body.

I discovered the rehabilitative benefits of Pilates during private training in 2014, when I my back pain became overwhelming it was hard to continue working.

What followed was an education with a global provider to understand how to myself own my rehab and become stronger again.

A combination of my extensive education and own experiences lead to founding Limhamn Pilates in my home cellar with a mission to help the community with movement strength.

 Our students greatly improved posture and strength and became happier and more empowered in daily life.

It's highly rewarding to witness physical and mental changes in the whole person, and its my why to keep moving forward with the development of Limhamn Pilates and our team.

Limhamn Pilates has been located at Hyllie Sportcenter, Malmö since 2017 with our professional standards studio. We occupy a renovated squash court with its high ceilings and airy high welcoming atmosphere.

We are happy to discuss your needs

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Thanks for reading

Faith Clements - Founder, Manager & Instructor



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