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I was suffering from terrible neck pain, unable to move my head in any direction, unable to work, unable to enjoy life. My whole back felt like a wooden board, my spine inflexible and I was getting more and more depressed.
My kinesiologist recommended me Pilates and that´s how I met Ulrike.
After only 3 months of consequent training with her two times a week, I was able to articulate my spine again and fully move my head. After another month I could sit with straight legs and firm and straight back for the very first time in my life! Ulrike has also change my routine and my daily habits.

I feel, that I now live my life with more consciousness, my life quality has definately improved.
Thanks for that!
Jorge, Chile

Postnatal Course

"Strong mums“


My little baby girl is born, my huge belly gone, the 6-week postnatal checkup with the midwife done, now it's time to start working on my body again. Are you in the same situation? Then join me in my upcomming postnatal course


Being a mum can be hard and challenging.

It´s a 24/7 full time job with little sleep and often physically and mentally demanding.

After 9 months of pregnancy and giving birth our pelvic floor might feel weak and our core muscles not existing anymore.

Maybe we feel uncomfortable in this postpartum body, which is new and strange to us.

Pilates is a great way of self-care mums can do. It focuses on a total-body alignment, a better posture and an enhanced mind-body awareness of this “new” post-baby body. Pilates with its deep and conscious breathing helps to oxygenate both the muscles and the brain and so increases mental clarity and patience. The boost in circulation we can get from engaging in Pilates movement energizes our body from head to toe, something that proves especially helpful for sleep-deprived parents. 


This Postnatal Pilates course lasts 8 weeks and is specifically designed for the postpartum body.

We work on our pelvic floor and gently rebuild our core muscles.

We try to reduce the abdominal gap and strengthen our upper and lower back to prevent back pains, shoulder tightness and neck tensions. The aim is to return to our pre-pregnancy body or make it even stronger. Stretching and breathing exercises and exercises of a better mobility completes the program. 


We at Limhamn Pilates work in small semi-private groups to provide our clients the best attention possible.


This course also includes a weekly set of exercises to practise at home.

And join our "Strong Mum's- Wix Space“

to communicate and exchange with other mums and receive feedback, tips and motivational boosts. 


Please, be aware that this course is meant for mummies only since we are going to use the Pilates Ball, the Magic Circle and the Pilates Tower. And, let´s be honest, sometimes it`s good and necessary to focus on ourselves only and forget about the duties of a mum.


Pre-requisite: It is expected that you have checked in with your midwife before you join the course!


Next Course coming soon !!

Faith took her first Pilates Instructor education in 2015 to heal her own chronic back pain after a successful career spanning over 20 years in international corporate finance.

Since then Faith has not been able to turn her back on Pilates. She is exceptionally passionate about helping others with the method as much as it helps her every day.

Faith teaches from a place of acute personal experience and informed education gained from some of the world leaders within the Classic Pilates Industry and delivers her classes with great passion and care for your wellbeing.

Faith is loved by her clients for going the extra mile, which might even entail a trip to the ice skating rink to watch a client skate.

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