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Why am I a Classic Pilates Instructor ?

Updated: Feb 15

"I dedicated 8 years to intense disciplined education and physical training with the best people I could find internationally.
Now I am 50 and in the best shape of my life"

I train with Pilates because it helps me feel at ease in my body, it reduces tension, aches and pains and I return daily to the strongest most flexible lean version of me.

I have more energy and vitality and I get out of bed feeling strong in my body, It used to be uncomfortable, now I start my day on top.

What I like the most is I meet my body where it is every day, i'm not trying to fit myself into a mould thats not me, I work with what I have and simply that!

Your Body is Intelligent

The human body is so intelligent given good circumstances it can reorganise itself.

Classic Pilates lets your intelligent body find the best version of balance for you and everyone is different.

Before Pilates, my body was twisted, compressed, stuck, out of balance, and now all the small supporting muscles are lean and strong.

My body can take care of itself with the discipline of Pilates because its safe functional movement thats good for me.

There is always more to learn

I have imbalances (every one does) injury, a life of heavy sports, riding big horses, a desk job.

Learning about the human body in movement continually deepens in many layers of understanding, its a lifetime's work.

After many years and reaching 40, my compensations caught up with me, so much pain. I had to give up my desk job for years as I could hardly walk without crippling pain.

Now I'm very strong and I both run an internationally recognised professional Classic Pilates studio and work as an accountant for a fast growing med tech start up.

I have energy, many years of disciplined education and practical application behind me and I use it for good in not just 1 job but 2 jobs - I help people become better.

I spent 8 years training with the best most informed international trainers I could find.

Working with the body is not about leading a class in parrot fashion, it's about standing back, observing people move, giving them the respect and space to move and what the bodies needing support with today and how can I best support it.

At Limhamn Pilates we pride ourselves on small classes with individual attention. We listen and we support, we want you to achieve great things in movement and in life.

"I dedicated 8 years to intense learning disciplined education and physical training with the best people I could find internationally. Now I am 50 and in the best shape of my life"

What was my vision ?

When I had back pain I could not find the physical therapy to feel better - I needed to get well.

I saw a gap in the medical system and started Limhamn Pilates in 2015.

We create solutions

At Limhamn Pilates we create solutions for people who need more movement strength.

Our clients feel better and get happier simply that. We guide good functional movement thats good for the body.

Every-Body is welcome

We love beginners as its where we can make the most impact to your long term movement health.

Sign up for a group class today and we do all the rest!!

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