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"Faith just makes me feel safe and taken care of. She really cares and observes me closely to train me in just the right way." Ilona

We are a boutique and personal studio with 3 highly trained teachers who are deeply committed to the classical Pilates method.


We have all trained Pilates for many years and have used it and continue to use it to heal and strengthen our own bodies. That's why we are deeply passionate about sharing the benefits of the method with our clients. We want to teach everyone how to build strength, flexibility and mindfulness through exercise, and feel strong, stable and confident in their own bodies and minds.

We are equally as enthusiastic to teach beginners and advanced learners, people needing rehabilitation or desiring to reach new heights in their professional sport. 

Our approach of first assessing your range of motion and posture helps us understand and program for each client's needs and goals. 

Personal service is at the forefront of our philosophy.

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The best way to get results quickly and work your body more deeply.


Limhamn Pilates private sessions are the most comprehensive Pilates sessions available. We choose the best exercises and use up to a dozen pieces of original Pilates equipment to suit your body and level of fitness.

In one-on-one sessions, we really get to know your body and its strengths and weaknesses and can devise a tailor-made program that suits you.

If your body needs heightened attention, with an unparalleled level of training, you simply can't find a better workout.

Private Classes

Semi-private Classes

Semi-private classes allow for tailored teaching and are a great way to get motivated with a friend, partner or even child.

Starting a new exercise regime can be hard and is so much easier with a friend to be accountable to.

They offer great value for money and results are seen more quickly than in group classes. 

Similar to our private classes, we use a variety of our original Pilates equipment to vary the training and to help you achieve your individual health goals. 


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semi private pilates class
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New Clients

Trying something new can be scary. We'll help you feel welcome! 

New students have access to the special Introductory Package of 3 private classes. It is the perfect way to ease into the Pilates journey at the hands of our expert instructors and feel for yourself why Pilates is truly the most efficient and effective workout.

For all our new students we recommend a minimum of 1 private class, to allow us to understand your body, devise a specialised trainings plan and teach the technique accurately. 

Our intro package is a great way to ease into your Pilates journey and truly enjoy it!

small group pilates class
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Small Group Classes

Our group classes are small with a maximum of 6 people and an ideal way to start Pilates.

Our group classes are suitable for various fitness levels, from new beginners through advanced Pilates, as we are able to teach safe variations of the exercises to suit your personal level. 

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Rehabilitation & Post-Natal

If you are recovering from injury, are otherwise physically compromised or have had a baby, we can offer a gentle, tailor-made program that works with your limitations.

Physical therapists all over the globe are now turning to Pilates as a form of rehabilitation.

It has been found to be very effective, particularly for reducing pain and disability.

Pilates exercises can be modified for each person and still be extremely effective. You can go from basic movements to very advanced, depending on how you need to progress or how badly injured you are.

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Joseph Pilates initially used the method to train professional dancers and athletes.

Pilates is a beautifully designed system that conditions the body for optimal performance. Pilates works to improve functional movement, to speed up post match recovery and prevent injuries by exposing biomechanical faults. It does this by stretching and strengthening muscles and improving body awareness.

This improves athletic performance regardless of the specific sport, but is specifically beneficial for sports that require high levels of balance and control, like for example dancing and figure skating. 


Sports Performance

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